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TIPS about spending in £... Let's test the foreign exchange rates to get cash or buy things in GBP £s.  The best money management seems to be:
  • To withdraw small amount of cash in GBP £:  At a Lloyds or Citibank-branch ATM location, use the VISA  DEBIT  card to withdraw £s. This uses a "bank exchange rate" including an undisclosed Lloyds/Citibank commission fee. DO NOT USE OTHER ATMS LOCATIONS!
  • To purchase something in the UK in £s:  Use a  CREDIT  card, which will use a VISA or MASTERCARD exchange rate at the time when the transaction was posted (about a day after the actual purchase). 
  • To get a larger amount of GBP £s:  Probably the lowest cost, i.e. least foreign exchange commisstion, is using a combination of  USForex  and pay the Citibank domestic wire transfer of $18.50 to pay USForex with US$, and let USForex pay the UK bank beneficiary. 
  • The Citibank ABA routing number, for accounts opened in Maryland is 052002166; or 254070116 for incoming wires

Citibank London:

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